Social Enterprise
The concept of social enterprises

Types of social enterprise
① Job-creation Type: The main purpose of the enterprise is to offer jobs to vulnerable social groups.
② Social Service Provision Type: The main purpose of the enterprise is to provide
     vulnerable social groups with social services.
③ Mixed Type: Job-creation Type + Social Service Provision Type
④ Other Types: A social enterprise of which realization of social purposes is difficult to judge on the basis of the      ratio of employment or provision of social service.
⑤ Local Community Contribution Type: An enterprise which contribute to the improvement in the quality of life
    of the local community. (newly defined in 2011)

The significance of social enterprises
Social enterprise activities
Healing handicapped by the action of the experience of social enterprises, more scholarships, volunteer John House and so continue to do.
NTKorea co,. LTD, the majority of employees are organized into a hierarchy of social vulnerable in our society, labor underprivileged have good quality jobs while helpng to live a healthy life, rooted in the value of the cooperative community committed to making the best efforts of the Economic Community.